Change 2 things

img_0381My morning meditation suggested I decide to change 2 things intentionally today. I thought about my New Year’s Resolution to write every morning right after coffee and contemplation. Since it’s now January 6th and I have yet to put a single word to page, I decided I would start. Wow!  I am actually doing it. The second thing I decided to do was to speak less. Not as easy to judge success on that one, but I have been more aware of my tendency to loquaciousness. The goal is to listen and ponder what I hear before responding. Or failing that, to at least pause a moment before speaking so that the other person feels heard. I think the two changes may be related- the more I write, the less I will need to over-express my thoughts and feelings verbally. It’s something to observe as I forge ahead with my writing resolution. But for the moment I am simply thankful to have spent a few minutes here.


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